Wim Crouwel: A graphic odyssey, Design Museum, London


The prolific career of the Dutch graphic designer Wim Crouwel was celebrated with a first British retrospective by the Design Museum designed by 6a architects. The exhibition spanned over 60 years of work, exploring Crouwel's innovative use of grid-based layouts and typography that had earned him the moniker 'Gridnik'. The gallery was stripped back and opened up, allowing a twenty-metre long white table to be inserted into the space, forming a subtle background to the works.


Exhibits are arranged across the continuous white surface, a blank page to the colorful intensity of the works. The shifts of the table move visitors past, around, and in-between the pieces, reminiscent of Crouwel's fondness for three-dimensional space within two-dimensional design. The exhibition is touring internationally beginning at the renowned Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.