Founding Directors

Tom Emerson

Tom Emerson obe BSc(hons) DipArch(Cantab) riba arb sia studied architecture at the University of Bath, the Royal College of Art and the University of Cambridge. He has taught at the Architectural Association and the University of Cambridge and published articles on architecture, literature and art. In 2010 he was appointed Professor of Architecture at the eth Department of Architecture in Zurich.

Stephanie Macdonald

Stephanie Macdonald obe BA(hons) DipArch studied fine art at Portsmouth College of Art and following a scholarship to Japan, architecture at the Mackintosh School of Architecture, the Royal College of Art and London Metropolitan University with Caruso St John. She has developed the practice’s collaborative approach working with consultants, artists, designers and scientists.


John Ross MA(Cantab) DipArch arb
Owen Watson MA(Cantab) MSc Arch AAM arb


Matt Atkins MA(Cantab) DipArch arb

Mayuko Kanasugi BA (Hons) DipArch arb

Martin Nässén MArch arb

Karolina Sznajder DiplArch 

6a studio

Temilayo Ajayi BSc

Hanna Albrecht BSc MA

Liam Ashmore MA(Cantab) DipArch arb

Olivia Baczynski MA, Studio Manager

Eva Barnett BA(Cantab)
Roberto Boettger AADipl arb

Cornelius Braam BSc and M.Sc

Alex Butterworth BA(Cantab) AADipl    

Rory Corr BArch DipArch arb
Vincenzo Di-Trolio BA DipArch arb
Patrycja Dyląg, BSc

Matthew Gregorowski BA(Cantab) DipArch
Alastair Greig MA(Cantab) DipArch arb

Joshua Harskamp AADipl

Leonie Hagen M.Sc Arch

Brendan Higgins BArch(hons) DipArch arb

Lea Hottiger MSc Arch

Noriyuki Ishii BA

Felix Koch Dipl.-Ing. Arch

Edorta Larizgoitia MArch

Jongwon Na AADipl arb

Isabel Ogden MA DipArch

Dewi Preece BA

Emily Priest BSc(hons) AADipl

Dylan Radcliffe Brown BA MArch

Tadeas Riha MSc Ing.Arch

Rachael Sykes

Lucy Tams, PA to Founding Directors

Jian Lin Wong BA(Cantab)

Jonathan Wong  LLB (Hons) M.Arch arb riba fciar

Phyu Thet Zaw CAT BSc acca, Accountant